Guiding Principles

Compensation for Board Members

Board members are not entitled to any monetary compensation for their efforts on behalf of Hope Foundation.  In addition, our board members generously contribute from their resources to meet the majority of their expenses associated with Hope Foundation.

Donor Rights

We are committed to full transparency and audit visibility into our operations and into the way your donations are used to benefit the children and women we support. Additionally, we pledge to utilize any specific donations you provide, solely for the purpose for which they are donated.

General Policies

Hope Foundation has a strict non-discrimination policy based on religion, caste or appearance.

Hope Foundation is a faith based organization, and conducts its activities based on a biblical model of compassion for the poor and needy among us.

Hope Foundation is committed to financial transparency.

Children’s Home Guidelines

Hope Foundation is committed to keeping the children in our care connected to their existing family, so that they are able to develop a healthy network of familial relationships.

Hope Foundation does not condone the use of corporal punishment towards its children.

Hope Foundation prioritizes the acceptance of children based on criteria that the highest priority for acceptance is given to children who are total orphans with no living parents, followed by children abandoned by their parents, followed by children with a single parent, and finally by children with parents who do not have the ability to provide for them. Additionally, we prioritize younger children over older children, and girls over boys, and will not separate siblings but will accept all the children in a family.