What We do

We strive to change the lives of abandoned and orphan children by empowering them to self-dependency.

Our Work with Orphans and Abandoned Children

We recognize that an abandoned child needs much more than food, shelter, and clothing. With the awareness that these children come from difficult circumstances, love and compassion are at the center of what we do. We establish children’s homes in areas of need with the goal of providing orphans with a stable, loving environment allowing them to reach their full potential.


Today we provide care for a total of 46 children at four locations.

In 2006, we founded Kolar Children’s Home – currently home to 31 children at two locations near Kolar in Karnataka, India. For more information on Kolar Children’s Home, click here.

In 2013, we started Ranchi Children’s Homewhere we care for 8 children.

In 2015, we started providing a home to 7 children at Bangalore Children’s Home.

Our Work with Widows

In 2015, we started providing training in tailoring services, as a pilot program in Bangalore, to ten women. In addition, we provide financial assistance to 5 poor widows in India. We are in the process of evaluating our program and will continue to focus on developing effective programs