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How it all began

Hope foundation started its activities in the year 2001. Back then we were involved in various charity activities like  medical assistance, educational assistance to needy children, marriage assistance to unmarried women, housing assistance, and other community services.


Hope Foundation began community outreach activities in the Kolar area in 2004. Through our work in Kolar and its surrounding villages, located about 60 kms from the city of Bangalore, we crossed path with many orphans. In 2007 we decided to invest in the future of these children and started our orphanage with 4 young children who had been abandoned. Today we have 27 children at our Kolar Home and 6 children at our new Shalom Home.

Our Vision

Provide complete protection in a safe and loving environment for our children

  • Enable holistic development through access to good nutrition and a well balanced mix of exercise, cultural activities and spiritual guidance
  • Motivate and educate our children to their full potential in the areas of their interests and talents
  • Manage and open new orphanages to provide each child with the maximum amount


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