Kolar Children’s Home History / Kolar Children's Home History - OnToHope Foundation

Our involvement in the rural agricultural community of Kolar in 2006 brought the plight of two orphan boys to our attention. Between the ages of 7 and 9, these brothers survived by working in and around the village, and lived in a makeshift shelter. When we heard about these children, we provided food and shelter for them. However, we weren’t able to protect these children when their own relatives arrived and took them away to exploit them by using them for child labor. As minors, these boys were forced to go with their relatives. After this incident, we realized the ease with which abandoned and orphan children were open to exploitation, and were determined to provide them protection and nurture in a loving environment.

In 2006, we started Kolar Children’s Home with 4 abandoned children. We provided food, clothing, and shelter for them and enrolled them in school. Since then, we have come across many children in need – children who have lost their parents, children from single-parent homes who could no longer care for them, and children of parents diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Beyond their basic needs, we provide them with the tools and resources necessary to empower them to lead independent lives in the future.