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We are pleased to feature an article by Dr. Varughese Philip, a founding Board Member of Hope Foundation, and an active member of our children’s home operations. Dr. Philip is a pastor in the Bangalore area, and provides counseling services to families and individuals based on a Christ centered approach to life.

Excerpt from the article:

People around us today show a high interest of care and concerns for the creation such as environment, animals, pets, plants and so on. However, while showing care for many things around us we as human being need to know the significant and spiritual act of caring for the crown of creation which is human beings. Within our limited time and resources caring for the orphans appears the great act of godliness and humanness than any other.

Orphan means a child who has been deprived of parental care, fatherless, comfortless, or helpless. UNICEF reports that every day over 5,700 children become orphans. More than 17.8 million children have lost both parents and 153 million children are fully or semi orphans. Globally 132 million children are in need of a new parents, family, shelter, and care. There are many instances that orphan children are used and abused for various reasons. It is said that each year, there are about 2 million children are drawn to sex trade, among them majority of them are from orphan background. These orphan children are offered food, money and clothing and so on given in exchange of sex for food to prevent starvation. In some cases orphans get some partial basic needs met but greater abuse is done on them. Children at that point of time may not have any long term goal, rather to survive in the present context of their struggle.

Apart from that, these children may not have any voice to raise even if they know they are abused. Hence, Family is the essential place and environment for children and every orphan to receive the love, values, safety, basic human needs, trust and grow in the environment of belonging, which is a home. Caring for the Orphan is a significant human response of the good human being and a responsibility of every Christian.  For an effective care, it is essential to understand both divine and human perspective of orphan care.

The full article is available using the link provided, and covers the characteristics of orphan care, the concern of God for orphans, and the call to the church.

Orphan Care – Varughese Philip

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