Bringing hope since 2001, one life at a time

Hope Foundation, a non-profit organization, started its operations in the year 2001 in India. Through our efforts, we have touched the lives of many people in a variety of ways. Our current focus of operations revolves around two groups of people: abandoned and orphan children and poor widows or single women struggling with poverty. In addition to ongoing outreach programs, we currently operate three children’s homes in India: a girls’ home in Kolar, near Bangalore, a boys’ home at Bengaluru, near Bangalore airport, and a boys’ home in Ranchi, Jharkhand State.

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A look inside: Our operations in Kolar

Kolar is a small town located about 45 miles from Bangalore city. Hope Foundation began community outreach activities in the Kolar area in 2004. In 2007 we started our orphanage with 4 young children who had been abandoned and were given into our care. Currently, we have about 30 girls living at our home. They all are studying in school and colleges.

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